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The Chicago region has excellent hospitals and healthcare systems. At one level of Chicago’s excellent medical facilities, are community hospitals that answer the need for basic and routine medical care for residents in their immediate areas. At the other end of the spectrum, are sophisticated regional referral centers. Highly specialized services, such as trauma centers, neonatal units, burn centers and transplant programs, are available to patients from a wide geographic area.

Our commitment to the care of critically ill and injured patients, as well as those undergoing routine procedures in need of blood transfusions, requires us to seek continuous improvements in the quality of the products and services we provide. Our effort to advance transfusion medicine is ongoing. We recognize our vital role in servicing this excellent health care delivery system. The achievements of the blood center are intertwined with the provision of highly specialized treatment capabilities in our community.

Our organization also plays a valuable role in the education of health care professionals by promoting a better understanding of the science of transfusion medicine. This results in improved transfusion practices by primary care physicians and other health care professionals. Collaboration with our hospital partners has led to improved patient care and a more cost-effective community blood program. LifeSource has been and will continue to be a responsive, capable and cost-effective partner in meeting our hospital clients’ transfusion medicine demands.