Privacy Policy - LifeSource


LifeSource interacts and communicates on a regular basis with donors, healthcare professionals, employees and others. These audiences may share their personally identifiable information with LifeSource, which is collected, stored, and processed electronically and/or manually.

As a company, the following philosophy helps to guide our privacy protection efforts:

Privacy Protection Philosophy

  • Determine the potential benefit of processing personal information and seek to identify and minimize the effects of any potential risks by implementing privacy protection measures.
  • Listen to and consider feedback from internal and external audiences that have specific privacy concerns.
  • Actively participate in public discussions and professional forums to promote LifeSource and industry privacy protection principles.
  • Work with government agencies to understand external privacy protection requirements that we are required to implement for procession of personal information.

Framework for Implementing Privacy Protections

LifeSource has implemented data privacy and security principles to develop a privacy cultural awareness and technical and/or procedural compliance. These principles are the driving force LifeSource uses to integrate our privacy principles in appropriate areas of the company’s operation. LifeSource senior management takes an active leadership role in the direction of the LifeSource privacy program.

Applying Privacy Protections

  • LifeSource is demonstrating its sensitivity and responsiveness to potential concerns regarding processing of personal information by accomplishing the following:
  • LifeSource has implemented awareness and compliance processes to address the privacy of data of, among others, LifeSource donors, clients, medical facilities, internal and external websites, and internal business systems and processes.
  • LifeSource has developed methodologies to identify electronic and/or manual business systems and processes that process personal information to minimize the effects of any potential risks.
  • LifeSource has instituted privacy and security standards that support the appropriate confidentiality of personal information, including medical and clinical information.
  • LifeSource has implemented privacy processes and practices related to security, enforcement, access, disclosure, and third party due diligence.
  • LifeSource has developed mechanisms to respond to privacy concerns in a timely fashion.
  • LifeSource will continually monitor technical security measures for their efficacy toward appropriate privacy protection.


This Privacy Statement and the decisions that have been made under the Statement will be reviewed, revised and communicated as appropriate based on technological advancements, legal and regulatory changes, and current social and ethical considerations.

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