National Blood Donor Month Shareables FAQ - LifeSource





Ok. So, what am I supposed to do?

LifeSource has created shareable graphics to:

1)      Celebrate our donors (YOU!)

2)      Share the importance of blood donation

We have graphics for blood type, type of donation, and bone marrow donor awareness, plus graphics that let others know you donated and that you are a blood donation ambassador.

graphics collage


How do I find LifeSource’s photo albums (and see all the graphics)?

Go to our Facebook homepage and scroll down. You should see a box that says “Photos”. Click “See All” and you’ll be able to see our various albums. To see all of our albums, click on the right-hand side, “See All”. To open one of the albums, click on either the album title or the image itself. You’ll be able to view all of the photos within a single album.


I found the photo albums and opened one of them, now what?

To make one of the photos your profile picture:

  1. Click on the photo so that it is the only image you see on your screen.
  2. When you hover over the bottom of the photo, you should see different words appear (Options, Share, Send, Like).
  3. Click Options and select Download. The image may automatically download, or you’ll need to pick where you want to save the image.
  4. Once you’ve downloaded the image, go to your Facebook profile page.
  5. Hover over your profile picture and click, “Update Profile Picture”.
  6. You’ll see options to “Upload Photo” or “Take Photo”. You’ll also see your own photos below. Click “Upload Photo”.
  7. Find the image you downloaded and select.
  8. Edit however you like. You can also opt to have the photo be a temporary profile picture (more on that below). Click Save.
  9. You should see the new image set as your profile picture. It will also appear on your wall and News Feed that you’ve updated your profile picture.

If you want to make one of our graphics a temporary profile picture, follow the steps above and once you reach #8, you’ll see an option in the bottom left of the window that says “Make Temporary”. Once you click on this you can decide the length of time you’d like the graphic to be your profile picture before reverting back to your original photo.

  • More on changing your Facebook profile picture here.
  • More on temporary profile pictures here.


I’d rather just share an image instead of making it my profile picture. How do I do that?

Once you’ve found our photo albums and you’ve selected the graphic you want to share with your followers, hover over the bottom of the image window and select “Share”.  The default is to share on your own timeline, but you can also share on a friend’s page or a group’s page. Write your own caption to go along with the post and press, “Post”.


I want to tell others about the LifeSource graphics. Can I share a whole album?

Yes! Below are the links for the different albums. Share away!

Blood type badges link

Donation type badges link

Bone marrow badges link

I Donated/I’m an Ambassador Badges link


I have an Instagram account. Can I use these graphics there, too?

You sure can! These graphics are the right size to share on Instagram. Feel free to download and share using your Instagram account. (And be sure to follow @lifesourceorg)


What about Twitter?

Feel free to share there, too! The square image size isn’t ideal for Twitter, but we may resize these graphics for Twitter in the future. (Find LifeSource on Twitter here)


Will these shareable graphics disappear after National Blood Donor Month ends?

We plan on keeping our graphics housed on our Facebook page. National Blood Donor Month may end January 31, but we’re grateful for our donors year-round. There is always a need for blood, making you – our donors – invaluable. Share these graphics as much as you like and help us spread the word about the importance of donation.