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A Message Before My Mastectomy

Breast Cancer Survivor

My name is Loucinda, and on March 15,  2016, I got devastating news.

“You have breast cancer,” the doctor told me. Something about that statement changed me in an instant.

My first chemo treatment was pretty rough. In addition to the typical symptoms, I had a nose bleed that wouldn’t stop.

Early into my treatment, my doctor told me I had to stop chemo because my platelets were extremely low. During chemotherapy, your platelets have to be above 100,000, and mine were 9,000. I was sent to the ER for a platelet transfusion. Imagine my shock when I arrived at the hospital and learned there were no platelets available! I had to wait for several hours while platelets were transported from another hospital.

I can personally attest that platelets are crucial for those of us going through chemo because they clot the blood. Chemo can affect the body’s ability to produce platelets. This is the reason my nose would not stop bleeding.

After being told that I would have to wait for platelets to be transported from another location, it finally hit me. Although I was aware of the need for blood donors, my experience made it abundantly clear that a shortage could be devastating for a patient. And that’s why I’m reaching out to you. I am scheduled for a mastectomy, and want to go into surgery knowing that I have  done my part by personally asking you to donate platelets.

Your generosity will mean everything to the recipient.