High School Scholarship Program









High School Scholarship Program

LifeSource is proud to be an active partner in the community and is dedicated to supporting local high schools through education and awareness of the need for blood donation.

Andy Kopca cords

High school students have the ability to impact hundreds of lives every single day and raise scholarship money for their school by simply donating blood. LifeSource’s High School Scholarship Program rewards schools for hosting blood drives by presenting them with scholarship dollars based on the number of units collected at the school.

In addition to rewarding schools with scholarship money, LifeSource also honors those who give blood frequently during their high school years. Students (16, 17 or 18 years old – 16 or 17 year old students need a signed parental consent form) who make a minimum of four donations prior to graduation will receive a LifeSource Donor Recognition Award.  This award consists of either a LifeSource Red Graduation Cord to be worn by the student at graduation or a LifeSource Recognition Certificate. The goal of the High School Scholarship Program is to educate students on the importance of blood donation and through their donations ensure blood is available for local patients.

For more information on the scholarship program, please click here.

In the photo above, Andy Kopca (middle) wears the red cords of the LifeSource Donor Recognition Award at his graduation from Romeoville High School. Read his story here.



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