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Everyday Heroes Program

Since our paths cross on almost a daily basis, LifeSource will always be linked to the police, firefighters and emergency medical technicians who assist people in times of need.

As citizens rely on the services of these first responders in an emergency situation, they also rely on blood transfusions following accidents or to fight illness or disease. A car crash victim, for example, can need up to 100 units of red blood cells, while a cancer patient may need plasma to fight infection.

LifeSource appreciates and supports the tireless work of our first responders. We encourage you to share our life-saving mission by donating blood and helping us keep our shelves stocked to assist others in need.

As a thank you for donating blood, LifeSource has established the “Everyday Heroes Give Back Program” for local police, firefighter and EMS groups. The program presents points to these groups for hosting blood drives and also for the number of participating donors at the drives. The points are then redeemed at the conclusion of the program for scholarship money to be presented to area first responders seeking higher education.

For more information on the Everyday Heroes Give Back Program, click here to fill out this form.



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