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Are you A? B? O? AB?

If you want to become a lifesaving blood donor, find out your blood type! The easiest way to accurately, safely and cost-effectively discover your blood type is to donate.

Whatever your blood type, there is a donation type specific to you.

When you donate the right blood product, LifeSource can provide local patients with exactly what they need.

When patients receive a blood transfusion, or a transplant, doctors must know their blood type so they can be given blood that is compatible with theirs. Not all blood types are compatible with one another. If you mix incompatible blood types, the results can be fatal.

You can always donate red cells to patients who have the exact same blood type as you (A positive to A positive, for example). There are also cross-type red blood cell transfusions that will be successful. Compatibility with plasma transfusions is slightly different than red blood cell transfusions. And blood type is not a factor at all with platelet transfusions.

Select your blood type from the list below to find out what donation type is best for you.

Please Note: Depending on current patient needs, you may be asked to make a different type of donation.


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