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A directed donation is a donation made for a specific recipient. Through directed donations, recipients can receive blood from family members and friends. Blood types must be compatible between donor and intended recipient, and directed donations may not be appropriate for emergency procedures since it takes time to fully test and process each unit of blood.

What is a directed donation?

A directed donation is one in which a friend or relative donates blood specifically for a recipient. Provided the blood is “compatible”, it is reserved for the intended patient. If the blood is not compatible, it is made available for another patient. Directed donations assure there is an adequate blood supply for all patients.

Does a patient need directed donor blood?

Patients should consult with their physicians to decide if a directed donation is necessary. Patient transfusion needs are met whether or not they have chosen directed donors.

Protocol for recipients and directed donors:

Aphysician’s order must be received by the Special Donations Department prior to setting up a direction donation. The script/order must include the following:

  • Patient’s name
  • Type and amount of blood products required
  • Date blood products are required
  • Hospital where blood products are to be sent
  • The patient—is responsible for ensuring that all his/her directed donors call the
  • Special Donations Department to schedule and keep their appointments
  • Appointments—Directed Donations are made by appointment only at any of our community donor centers
  • Note: Donor’s blood type is always performed at the blood center even when it is known by the donor

Donor criteria for a directed donation:

  • Donor must be at least 18 years old—donors under age 18 require parental consent and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Proper photo identification is required to be allowed to donate (e.g school ID with picture and full name, driver’s license and other government-issued ID)
  • Weigh at least 110lbs. Minimum volume 10 mls/kg of body weight
  • Must meet minimum HGB levels of 12.5 g/dL.
  • No fever, cold, flu, sore throat, or any other infection on the day of donation
  • If recently on antibiotics, the full course must have been completed at least 48 hours prior to donation (unless for acne) and the donor currently must be symptom free
  • Must not be the husband or boyfriend of the patient if she is of childbearing age (blood from a husband or boyfriend could complicate future pregnancies)

FDA Requirements for directed donations:

  • All directed donors must meet the same strict regulations requirements set by the Food and Drug Administration for the general blood supply. These include prior health history and health risk activities
  • Any directed donations found positive for infectious disease markers will be destroyed
  • Directed donors will be deferred based on standard regulatory requirements for blood donation intervals
  • Directed donations can be included in general inventory

Call the LifeSource Special Donations Department at 847.260.2707 to schedule an appointment to donate.